Photos from many flight of space Shuttle vehicles. Significant accomplishments in human spaceflight from April 12th 1981 thru summer 2011. Launches on many satellites and experiments and launches to assemble the International Space Station(ISS). Credit NASA all photos.

Enterprise in free flight

Enterprise separation

STS-1 Launch, April 1981

STS-2 payload bay and RMS operations

STS-3 White Sands lakebed landing

STS-4 roll on crawler to pad, VAB back right

STS-5 night on pad

STS-5 delpoy of SBS payload from Pam-D cradle

STS-6 foggy trip to the pad

STS-7 SPAS-01 payload deployed

STS-8 INSAT deploy

STS-9 Spacelab 1st flight

STS 41B space flyer on EMU

STS-41C LDEF deploy ready

STS-41D Solar Array demo OAST-1

Orbiter tail monolith

STS-41G launch

STS-51A Weststar retrieval

STS-51C over Florida

STS-51D LEASAT deployed

STS-51B droplet experiment

STS-51G launch

STS-51F launch

STS-51I SYNCOM deploy

STS-51J early ascent

STS-61A launch, aircraft view

STS-61B space construction

STS-61C night launch

STS-26 on pad

TDRS deployed

STS-27 on pad

STS-29 TDRS deployed

STS-30 Magellan deployed

STS-28 VAB operations

STS-34 Galileo deployed

STS-33 launch

STS-32 LDEF retrieval

STS-36 roll from VAB

STS-31, Hubble deployed

STS-41 ascent close

Shuttles on KSC launch pads A and B

STS-35 ASTRO-1 telescope

STS-37 Gamma Ray Observatory deploy ready


STS-40 Spacelab in payload bay over great lakes

STS-43 TDRS deployed

STS-43 ET drifts away

STS-48 rolls to pad

STS-44 Orbiter move from OPF

STS-42 convection experiment

STS-45 ATLAS payload

STS-49 Intelsat retreival

STS-50 drag chute deployed

STS-46 Tethered Satellite deploy

STS-47 Spacelab in the bay

STS-52 LAGEOUS deploy

STS-52 crystal growth experiment

STS-53 launch

STS-53 fluid aquisition experiment

STS-54 TDRS drifts away after deploy

STS-56 SPARTAN capture

STS-55 launch


STS-51 window views

OMS thrusting

STS-51 ORFEFUS free flight

STS-58 post landing operations

STS-61 Hubble Space Telescope service

STS-60 SPACEHAB in bay and Wakeshield on RMS

STS-62 payload bay

STS-59 headed to space

STS-65 Spacelab


STS-68 SRL in bay


STS-63 Mir from Orbiter

STS-67 payload bay, ASTRO-2

STS-71 ODS and Spacelab install at KSC

STS-71 Orbiter approaches Mir Space Station

STS-70 TDRS install in payload cannister at KSC

STS-70 landing, VAB in background

STS-69 Wakeshield on RMS

STS-73 launch

STS-73 Spacelab over Baja

STS-74 Docking Module install in payload bay

STS-74 Docking Module installed on Mir

STS-72 night landing at KSC

STS-75 TSS deploy

STS-76 Mir over New Zealand

STS-77 SPARTAN inflatable

STS-79 approaching Mir

STS-81 VAB rollout

STS-82 Hubble Space Telescope servicing

STS-83 Microgravity Lab installation at KSC

STS-85 CRISTA deployed

ET over France

STS-87 AERcam robotic camera

STS-87 crane training operations

STS-90 Spacelab Neurolab

STS-91 Orbiter from Mir

Orbiter nose view

STS-91 Mir from Orbiter


STS-88 ISS begins

STS-96 ISS from Orbiter

STS-93 Chandra Telescope deployed

STS-103 HST service EVA

STS-99 SRTM boom from Orbiter payload bay

STS-101 payload bay with docking system in foreground

STS101 filght deck


STS-92 ISS end view

STS-97 ISS sailing

Orbiter payload bay doors open

STS-98 ISS with Destiny lab

Landing in formation


Atlantis from ISS

STS-104, adding ISS airlock

STS-105 Discovery from ISS

STS-108 Starshine floating

STS-109 Hubble service EVA

STS-110 S0 truss install

STS-111 MBS install

STS-112 S1 delivery

STS-112 S1 truss EVA

STS-113 Orbiter over New Zealand

STS-113 P1 truss EVA

STS-114 ISS over Caspian Sea


STS-115 EVA visor reflection

STS-115 payload bay after cargo delivered

STS-116 scenic EVA

STS-117 KSC Launch Center view

STS-117 departs from growing ISS

STS-118 on the pad

STS-118 Orbiter view of ISS away

STS-120 launch view

STS-122 Columbus module added

STS-123 Mission Control Center, Shuttle on pad

STS-124 JEM added to ISS

STS-126 ISS Earth view

STS-119 ISS full arrays

STS-125 final HST service

STS-125 HST reflections

STS-127 Soyuz docked to ISS

STS-128 ISS from Orbiter window

STS-129 ISS approach

STS-130 ISS Cupola views


STS-131 Orbiter flyaround

STS-132 MRM1 ready to install

STS-133 launch

STS-134 on pad lightning

STS-134 launch clock at KSC

EVA delight

STS-135 Final launch, July 2011

STS-135 final Orbiter approach to ISS


Sunset times

STS-135 final Orbiter landing

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