A select group of black and white photos from our collection.

The Lone Cyprus near Carmel CA


Bridge in Louisana

Squirrel eyes glow

Pelicans in formation over Gulf Shores

Spirit World


Light reflections on the Comal


Utah river from Lodge too

Seagull Soars over Orange Beach

Gruene Hall, Texas' Oldest Dancehall

Columbia River Bridge, Oregon to Washington

Crane Pose at Orange Beach

The Earth is Round, looking at the Pacific

Flying High

Gruene Mansion Inn

Gruene Tower close

Harry and friend

Helen Kilpatrick Art

John Hamilton(1815-1880) of Ohio

John Rowland rests near Carmel

Santa's Day

Houston's Mission Control light snow

Mobile Bay view from Fairhope

Moray face in murky water

Natures Art

Man on the Moon on TV

Poolside light snow in southeast Texas

Utah river view from the Lodge

Happy Face


Statue at William and Mary

Butterfly and Lily

Texas Star


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