Nelson Kelley Hamilton was born in Portsmoth Ohio in 1915. He lived his some of his early married years in Athens Ohio. He was a photographer at heart from a young age. This page has a variety of photos from Athens Ohio and maybe other area. They were scanned from mostly tiny prints of 1X1.5 inches. They provide a nice glympse of that time

Uptown corner and Court Street

Luckoff's and Cline's

Ford Trimotor Classic

Mulzer Flying Service Trimotor

Woman Aviator

Woman aviator closer

Pure Oil Biplane

Sleek biplane

Sporty Biplane

Plane and Car Hotel

Presbyterian Church

Building River Bridge

Downtown Life

Game Day

Easy Street

Good Living

Entrance to Ohio University

Jackson Memorial

Greyhound Lines

Civil War Memorial and Cannon

Ohio Theater

Ohio Theater too

River Pilot View at Dock

Richland Avenue Bridge

River Runner, James Bond style

Shines and Shoes

Shines Athena Theater

General Sherman Statue

Snowy Days

City View, from College Green

University Women's Gym

Walking Bridge

Boat at Dock

Boat Club

Downtown Life

Natures Art by the River

Waiting on Parade

Old Glory in Parade

Soldiers in Parade

Ohio University Float

OU Airplane Float

Steer Drawn Wagon

Unknown Float

Ford Trimotor Fans

Fred and Kezziah Baker Farmhouse near Fisher Ohio

Tower on the Lake

Memorial and Canons

Young Photographer Nelson Hamilton at statue

Oliver H Perry riverboat

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